How It WorksHow It Works

  1. An initial phone call from you to us: This is your chance to reach out
    and get the help you deserve

  2. A second or third phone call to assess your situation and to decide together
    who might be involved in the process

  3. An invitation to all family members and other
    key people to attend an informational session

  4. First group session in a comfortable, safe

    • You share your family history as it relates
      to substance abuse and mental health

    • We educate you about addiction and

    • You voice your concerns

    • You ask questions

    • You get answers; you get support; and you
      get professional, caring advice and assistance

    • You decide if you want to move forward
      toward recovery

  5. We develop a plan of action for each family member

    • Together we identify the right treatment approaches
  6. We see you and your family through the first six months of this process with:

    • Individual consultations in person or by phone

    • Post-treatment support back in the “real” world

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