What You Can DoWhat You Can Do

  1. Become Aware

    • Educate yourself about the insidious, powerful and baffling aspects of addiction.
    • Explore your personal and family history to help you come
      to an understanding that addiction is a family disease and no one is at fault.
    • Notice the patterns you’ve developed to cope with
      the unmanageable nature of addiction and become
      willing to seek a new way.

  2. Practice Acceptance

    • Accept that the old ways of dealing with addiction
      don’t work.
    • Accept that you and your family need help.
    • Accept that there is a solution and you are ready
      to embrace it, whatever it is.

  3. Take Action

    • Make a phone call and ask for help;
    • Have a conversation with a professional, Bob Smith or
      Vince Casolaro, about the addiction in your family and what
      next step to take.
    • Go to a twelve-step meeting and listen and talk to others who have a history
      of addiction in their families.

You do not have to cope with addiction alone.

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